Friday, August 28, 2009

cd sly/

(Continued from previous post. The first post in the series is here.) The best I can come up with is to start clenching my bottom and my rose. It feels great. I'm simultaneously getting relief from your torture and driving myself to the edge. I hear you gasp and I can almost feel your mood change. You're also getting way more stimulation than you bargained for. If you get too much, you know it's going to be all over. You won't be able to keep me prisoner much longer if I keep it up. And it looks like I'm stealing pleasure for myself. I turn my head and give you a sly grin while I clench away. The sound of the clenching and my giggling are driving you mad. (to be continued...)

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  1. your post drive me mad.... ya know the good sort of mad:)